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Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Program Overview

BS Software Engineering is designed to prepare students for careers in software engineering, software project management, and software development and integration. This outcome includes developing technical competency as well as leadership and communication skills necessary to analyze, design, verify, validate, implement, and maintain software systems. CIIT software engineers learn how to apply the principles of computer science, engineering, and analysis to the design, creation, testing, and evaluation of software and digital systems.

Software Engineering covers a wide spectrum of areas within the field of software engineering, ranging from the theoretical to practical. A software engineer can specialize in areas such as software engineering, requirement engineering, quality engineering, software testing and project management. This program aims to impart the technical and managerial knowledge of software development in order to produce cost effective, reliable and maintainable software. This degree does not only focus on the developing aspects of software, but also on the techniques that help in developing effective software in a cost effective and managed way.

It is a four years program consisting of eight semesters. The maximum duration for completion of this degree is twelve semesters. The degree is awarded on completion of minimum 133 credit hours, including six credits for the project, with a passing CGPA of at least 2.0/4.0.

Students will be able to successfully:

  • Develop software requirements and functional specifications.
  • Use proven techniques to design software structure before it is implemented.
  • Apply established verification and validation techniques.
  • Understand the importance of constructing large software systems using standardized components and reusing existing code (modules) where possible.
  • Use software tools as effective aids in all phases of software development.
  • Design, develop and deliver software in a cost-effective manner
  • Career Outcomes

    The Bachelor of Software Engineering is concerned with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of software systems. This course provides students with the technical expertise to design and construct software, and management skills needed to plan and operate complex software systems. Students will gain skills and become capable of creating stand-alone, mobile, networked, and web based software solutions for a range of different domains. Software Engineering graduate has the option to work in many different sectors such as software industry, telecommunications, finance, health care, manufacturing, retailing, security, transport, etc. Other engineering areas like aeronautical, automotive, building, electrical, etc. also have increasing needs for software engineering. The entertainment industry with video games and movie animation too has a large demand for Software Engineers. In addition the SE program develops a strong background for pursuing higher education and research.


    Students are eligible for admission if they have Intermediate or equivalent (‘A’ Level) with minimum 50% marks from accredited institution and *NTS-NAT test score with minimum 50% marks.

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