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Student’s Week(November 2nd to 8th 2015)


Inauguration of Student’s Week:

Inaugural ceremony of Students Week Fall 2015 of COMSATS Sahiwal was held on 2ndNovember 2015 at 11:00 AM in the sports ground. A large number of Faculty members, Staff and Students were present in the ground for opening ceremony. Mr. Arjumand Qureshi welcomed Chief Guest Mr. Naveed Alam(Great Hockey Legend, Ex-Olympian) and Worthy director, COMSATS Sahiwal Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed in the pandal. The ceremony was started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by student performances onSofianaKalam. Afterwards,Worthy director Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed was invited for speech. He welcomed Mr. Naveed Alam and highlighted the importance of co-curricular activities in student life. He enforced that sports activities are equally important as academic actvities and appreciated the efforts of Director Student Affairs, Dr. Zahir-ud-din and his team for the arrangement of Student’s Week.

Mr. Naveed Alam also addressed the audience and focused that sports activitiesmust be part of academic calendar.Sports activities develop qualities of the leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance in students. Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, will power, etc. He promised to visit CIIT Sahiwal campus again in future for opening of hockey camp.

Activities of Sports Club were also inaugurated by Mr Naveed Alamand Worthy Director during the first day of student’s week hockey, football and tug of war matches were played among different departments. Dr. Hassan, Convener, Sports Club was also there to encourage students. Worthy Director CIIT Sahiwal also appreciated the faculty & students and encouraged them to participate in all events to make the event successful.

Sports Club:

On the opneing day of student’s week, different sports including tug of war between students and faculty, races and hockey matches were played among different departments. Dr. Hasan Riaz Convener, Sports Club was also there to encourage students. Worthy Director CIIT Sahiwal also appreciated the faculty & students and encouraged them to participate in all events to make the event successfull.

Cricket :

All teams played energetically and gave tough time to each other. Girls teams of Computer Sciences and Mathematics Department Qualified for Final. Computer Sciences team won the final match for Girls and CS for Boys.

Volley Ball:

All Departments Teams Participated in Volley Ball Competitions which held in sports week Fall 2015. All Students actively participated in the matches. In final match, EE Department got the first position.



All Departments participated in Badminton doubles competetion matches. CS Department winner in Badminto Double and Girls BIO Sciences Department.
Faculty also participated and played their matches


Hockey match will be played between inter campus. COMSATS Islamabad, CIIT Lahore Campus and CIIT Sahiwal Participated in this competition. CIIT Sahiwal won the final match. Large Gathering of Students, Faculty and Staff was there to enjoy the match.

Foot Ball

All the Departments Participated in Foot Ball Competitions. All the teams show very good performance.

Basket Ball

In Basket Ball Matches all Departments Participated. All students actively Participated in the game.

Lawn Tennis

Faculty Members and Students also partcipated in Lawn Tennis, which was convened by Dr. Abid.


Students showed great commitment and participated in number of activities including 100 meter sprint, 400 meter and Long Jump.

Health Awareness & Blood Donors Society

1st Day:Registration:

Health Awareness and Blood Donation Society arranged registration desks for its other activities that were supposed to be organized in coming days of Student’s Week such as Flag Race, Blood Database Development, Apple Eating Competition, Balloon Blowing Marathon Raceetc. More than 150 new students got entries in our former Blood Database and about more than 250 students got themselves registered for, Apple Eating, Balloon Blowing, Flag and Marathon Race.

2nd Day: Flag Race, Catch Balls & Balloons Blowing:

Health Awareness and Blood Donor Society also arranged some healthy competitions i.e. Flag Race, Catch Balls and Balloon blowing in Badminton court of the main building. Students of CIIT Sahiwal actively participated in these competitions. The students showed their full passion and enthusiasm to prove their energy. Dr. Abrar along with Dr. Zahiruddin Sheikh was there for inauguration.

3rd Day: Push-up competition (Dund), Apple Eating & Marathon Race

Another fantastic events were Push-up competition, Apple Eating & Marathon Race that took place or 3rd day of student’s week. More than thirty students participated in the event. There was lot of fun while Dund competition was on. Students tried their best to win push-up champion& Marathon Race title of COMSATS Sahiwal. Mr. Haris was along with us for Marathon Race & Dr. Ali Ahmad, Dr. Manzoor, Dr. Sadiq Hashmi was judging the students of Marathon Race.
Down here are the glimpses;

4th Day: Blood Camp:

On the fourth day of student’s week, Health Awareness and Blood Donation Society arranged a blood camp for thalassemia patients. Some of the respected faculty members and students participated in this lecture and Our worthy Director Student Affairs Dr. Zahiruddin Sheikh was the Chief Guest. Prof. Bilal Lodhi Khan and Dr. Abrar Hussain also participated in the event and some other Worthy Professors also take part in this blood donation camp.
Few glimpses of the walk are shown below;

5th Day: Jigsaw Puzzle, Tissue & Roll:

Another fantastic events were Jigsaw and Tissue & roll competitions that took place or 5thday of student’s week. More than twenty students took part in this activity/competition.There was lot of fun while jigsaw and T&R competitions were on. Students tried their best to win these Competition. Ms. Ayeza, Dr. Abrar and some other Worthy Professors were judging these Competition. Ms. Ayeza, Dr. Abrar and some other Worthy Professors were judging these events.
Some glimpses of this activity are as follow:

Comsats Music Club

CMC promotes collection of activities which polish singing skills of students considering classical to modern rap music like solo singing, group singing, folk singing, classical music etc. CMC has infinite boundary, involving whole campus, students as well as faculty members, by arranging activities like ANTAKSHARI and OPEN HOUSE.

Registration desk:

Music is not only source of entertainment; it also provides and opens up the world of opportunity for students. Registration desk was arranged on 29th and 30th of October to promote the musical activities going to be held in student week FA-15 under the flag of CMC. Two days registration desk was arranged to involve maximum number of students in student’s week. Interested students were briefed about the music competitions.

In inauguration ceremony vocalist HarawalDilshad and guitarist FarazSaleem presented sufiyanakalam which was appreciated by the audience. Another vocalist of CMC Fiazul Hassan presented NaatiaKalam.

Faculty Antakshari:

On 3rd of November,a competition of faculty antakshari, a musical fun game was arranged by CMC for the faculty members of whole university. A team of 2 faculty members from each department participated.


StudentsAntakshari was arranged on the same day, Tuesday 3rd of November. Teams from 6 departments/programs participated, 4 students in each team. After a tough and interesting competition, the team of software engineering won the competition.


On 4th of November Open mic was arranged for the students of CIIT Sahiwal. Everyone was allowed to take part in the competition. It was actually the first round of VOISAT. 10 out of 30 contestants were selected at the end. Selected participants were given time of one day for the preparation of VOISAT finale season 3. Some rules were defined for VOISATfinaleto make the competition more interesting and tough.

National song and folk singing competition:

National songs are the songs that revive the spirit of patriotism. Competition of national songs and folk singing was held on 5th of November. Many students participated in the competition. Competition was appreciated by faculty members and respected Director Student’s Affairs.


Music is considered food for the soul and Qawwali is considered as rhythm of souls. Ghazal and Qawwali are used by many as a way to relax and mental enchantment.Competition of Qawali and Ghazal was arranged by CMC on Friday 6th of November.An awesome huge crowd of faculty as well asof students enjoyed the event. As a result CMC found many traditional voices of CIIT Sahiwal.


It was the last event of CMC in FA-15 student week.10 students, who were selected in open mic compete again in VOISAT FINALE (season 3). Competition took place on Friday 6th of November. Students took great interest in this event. Talha Farooq won the title of VOISAT season 3.

COMSATS Literary Society:

COMSATS Literary Society is one of the best performing society, as it encourages new faces and search for the talent. Recreational activities are arranged to expose talent of students as well as to rejoice them and give them a change from their hectic and exhausting routine. Likewise in student week this semester, CLS came up with amazing ideas to entertain as well as to make people well aware of the surroundings.

Pakistan National Assembly

On Tuesday 03 November 2015 first session of PAKISTAN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY was conducted by Mr. Irtaza (Chair) and MS. Quratul Ain (Co-Chair) on topic “CORRUPTION AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY IN PAKISTAN ”at 11:00 am in CS 1. The students participated in this discussion and learned much. No doubt it was an act of prominence and dignity.

Naat and Qirat Competition:

On Wednesday 04 November 2015Naat and Qirat competition was conducted at 11:00 am in CLSpindalunder the supervision of Ms. Myda Qamar (Secretary Naat and Qiraat Competition) along with perky team of CLS.Mr. Mian Bilal Iqbal, Moulana Muhammad Yassin,Mr. Arjumand Qureshi and Ms. Noor Afshan were the worthy judges for the compilation of the results. The total number of participants for Qiratand Naatwas 25 and those who scored first, secondand third positions in Qiratwere Mr. Hafiz Shahzad, Mr. Amir and Mr. Umair Rasheed respectively. The winners ofNaat competition among boys wereMr. Hafiz Salman, Mr.Ehtisham and Mr. Muhammad Jahanzaib were first, second and third respectively.Ms. Maryam, Ms.Mariam Afzal and HafizaIsmat scored first, second and third positions in NaatCompetition.
On parallel side second session of Pakistan National Assembly was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Irtaza and Ms. QurratulAin Farooq in CS 1.


Declamation is always been an interesting event and this time CLS arranged a bilingual declamation on Thursday 05 November 2015 at 12:30 pm in CLS pindal and students showed their great interest towards this. Mr. Arslan Naveed and Ms. Areeqa Mustafa were coordinating this contest.Judges ofDeclamation competition were Mr Salman Mustafa, Mr.PirAmad Ali Shah,Mr. Usman Nasir and Ms. MaryamAzam.Worthy Director of COMSATS Sahiwalgave his prestigious presence on this event and encouraged the students in a majestic way.


On Saturday November 7, LOK VIRSA DAY with Mehndi Theme was conducted by zealous team of COMSATS Literary society under the supervision of Convener Literary society Mr. Salman Mustafa. Students actively participated in all competitions like bangles competition and winners were awarded by gift hampers.Dr. Zahir-ud-din sheikh (Director Student Affairs) along with Dr. Ali Ahmad and other honorable faculty members made this event auspiciousby giving their precious time.

Adventure and rovering club:

Adventure and rovering club has organized activities like Sack race, Color Water War, Pet Show, Three leg race and Scavenger Hunting and two days camping. A large number of students participated in these activities with full of guts and gaiety.

Sack Race:

There were 40 participants in this race.

Color Water War:

There were 46 Teams who participated in color water war and each team consisted of 5 members. All the teams participated in the event with Great Spirit and enthusiasm.

Pet Show:

Students were asked to bring their pets in the campus. They came with their Persian cats and cats of some other breeds.

Faculty Scavenger Hunting:

10 teams of faculty were registered and all of them participated in Scavenger Hunting. Each team consisted of two faculty members. All teams participated enthusiastically. After a great play the result was finalized as follows.

3Leg Race:

30 teams showed their talent in this race while each team consisted of two. Spectators enjoyed a lot watching two players moving together with 2 joint legs.

Scavenger Hunting:

44 teams were registered and all of them participated in Scvanger Hunting that was sponsored by Ufone. Each team consisted of 5 members. All the teams played tremendously good. After a great play we got the results as under.


For the first time organizers of CARC spent two nights in camps in CIIT Sahiwal campus along with convener of Adventure Club. Students enjoyed a lot. They cooked food them self. There were other activities like bone fire as well. Our worthy Director Student Affairs DrZaheer also visited the campsites and encouraged the students for such activities.

COMSATS Dramatic Society (CDS):

COMSATS Dramatics Society believes in active involvement of the students. The Students’ Week FA15 was a unique opportunity to set up the stage again, to let the students realize that there is a lot going on down here so a three days registration desk was arranged to involve the maximum number of students in the activities under the umbrella of CDS.
On inauguration day the members of CDS, with the collaboration of Montgomery Museum, presented a “Sufi Raqs” which was appreciated by the audience.

Script Writing Competition:

Drama is the specific mode of narrative, typically fictional, represented in performance. CDSused to appreciate innovation and creativity among the students.On 3rd November, CDS organized a “Script Writing Competition”. Students from various departments participated in the competition and put their creative thoughts on paper in a healthy environment. The faculty advisors and the student body of the CDS were there in the competition. Mr.Arjmand Ahmed Qureshi was our judge for this competition, who was supposed to mark the scripts one by one. In the result of this competition we discovered some brilliant ideas and some fine minds among cognoscenti.


Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage) and even streaming media. On 4th November, CDSorganized a Videography Competition. The teams were registered and had sent their videos to the organizing team, censor board of CDSwatched the videos and select some fine pieces to show on screen in theatre. Students and Faculty members having interest in videography attended the event and enjoyed the creativity and entertainment produced by the students of COMSATS. A team consisting of students from CS and ME Departments won the competition. A team from ME Department stood runner up in the contest. At the end of the competition “Mech Studio” presented its video on screen to entertain the audience, however Mech Studio was not considered as a participant, it was rather a guest appearance.

Inter-Departmental Drama Competition:

Inter-Departmental Drama Competition is the most awaited event of CDS so far. On 6th of November, the teams presenting different Departments of the campus staged their plays, captured the audience and made the evening memorable. A huge audience was there to cheer the performers. Worthy DSA Dr. Zahir-ud-Din Shaikh was the chief guest at the event, HODs and respected faculty members also joined him and enjoyed the plays. Team CS won the title once again, Team BI stood runner up and Team MS got 3rd position in the competition.

CDS Mimes:

“The magician makes the visible invisible; A Mime makes the invisible visible.”
CDS believes in producing a quality entertainment with creativity. On 7th of November, Team CDS staged first CDS Mimes. There were two mimes staged under the banner of CDS; “Love Stoned” and “Life in a Day”
“Life in a Day” was claimed as a routine day of a student of COMSATS; it was an entertaining mime and was enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.

CDS Play:

COMSATS Dramatics Society believes not only in entertaining the audience and showing them what they want to watch on stage, but it actually used to stage the things what the audience should watch. CDS have staged different plays to teach the audience some moral values we’re just moving away from. “Khudinabech”, “Zara Nam ho to”, “Bol k Lab Aazaadheintere” and “Rasamchalihai k kin a sarutha k chale” are some of those plays we staged to raise the cause to adopt social and moral values.

COMSATS Calligraphy & Fine Arts Society:

The Calligraphy and fine arts society participated in Students week FA15 by arranging certain activities including Pencil sketching, Calligraphy, Face painting, Canvas art, T-Shirt Designing, Junk art and Photo frames. The variety of competitions enhanced the artistic skills of students. All these events were appreciated by audience and chief guests.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. The word about activities being held was spread through brouchers and flexes. The registration desk was arranged by societies to register participants for different events on October 29 and 30.

November 02, 2015

Pencil sketching competition was organized at inauguration in sports ground. The landscape was the scene of the ground where different teams were lined up and games were played. The competition was evaluated by Director of Student Affairs Dr. Zaheer-ul-din Sheikh.
The event was well appreciated by all faculty members and the students.

November 03, 2015

Face painting and Calligraphy competitions were organized on this day. A number of students participated in the events and depicted that a painted surface is a real, living form and every good painter paints what he is.
The event was well appreciated by our Worthy Director CIIT Sahiwal DrAbdul’waheedand Director of student affairs Dr. Zaheer-ul-din Sheikh.

November 04, 2015

Canvas craft competition was organized on this day. A number of students enthusiastically participated in this event. A fine work of art - music, dance, painting, story - has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.

November 05, 2015

T-shirt designing competition was organized by team CFAS.Painting is a source of endless pleasure, but also of great anguish. Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.

November 06, 2015

Junk art and Photo frame making competitions were arranged on this day. Creativity takes courage and so is the platform provided by Calligraphy and fine arts society for the students of CIIT Sahiwal. A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

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